CHNS-O Elemental Analyser. EA3000 Series are compact, fully automatic instruments for the most exacting determination of CHNS and O.
The Series is based on TurboFlash  Combustion Technology, a patented principle to inject a selected pressurized oxygen volume independently from carrier gas flow. The innovation represents a quantum leap in the state of the art of well known Dynamic Flash Combustion Principle.

EuroVector deliver instruments tested against "3Q" Qualifications.

EuroVector provide instrument configuration as well as analytical protocol including layout, instrument parameters and a number of other suggestions to achieve accurate results in a variety of applications such as:

Organic Compounds

Solid and Liquid Fuels

Soils, Plants, Sediments


Pure Organic Samples (CHNS)(O)

Coal & Coke (CHN)

Soils, Sediments, Plants (CN)

Synthetic Mixtures (CHNS)(O)

Gasoline, Jet Fuels (CHN)(O)

Compost & Leaves (CHN)

Organometallic (CNS)(O)

Oils & Lubricants (CHN)(N)

Fertilizers (CN)

Plastic & Polymers (CHN)(O)

Wastes, Sludges, Garbage (CHN)

Animal Feed (N)

Rubber (CHN)(S)

Biomass (CHN)(O)

Oil Seeds (N)

Knowing the sample nature remains of paramount importance

Knowing the sample nature remains of paramount importance in selecting the proper configuration.

Callidus SW. Callidus is the most advanced dedicated SW for Elemental Analysis, representing a major step ahead for completeness and usability.
The simple structure delivers a truly intuitive tool allowing the operator to use it from day one.
It offers elegant solutions improving instrument performances.

The link below reports features and benefits of the Callidus as well as single page AutoRun window.

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