from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030 (part of UN Resolution 70/1, the 2030 Agenda)

What is Elemental Analysis?

Elemental Analysis is a process allowing for the most exact determination of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulphur (CHNS) in virtually all-existing substances.

EuroVector, the Elemental Analysis Company, is fully dedicated to development of modern Elemental Analyzers (EA) for simultaneous CHNS and O determination.

CHNS quantitative determination is achieved through only three basic steps: sample combustion at high temperature, fast separation of the resultant gaseous species and TCD detection.

Determination of Oxygen content is performed on the same instrument in pyrolysis mode by a quick change of configuration.

Thanks to new WEAVER.NET software functionalities, EuroVector uniquely provide CHNS and O simultaneous analysis from different instruments controlled by one single PC station.



EA3100 Series of CHNS-O Elemental Analyzers, with its dedicated SW Weaver, allows for the most exact determination of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulphur in virtually all-existing substances. 

The EA3100 redefines the state-of-the-art in Elemental Analysis with its minimal footprint, the Extended Analytical Range and WeaverTM SW Multi-Instrument acquisition mode.

Quick configuration

Changes from CHNS, CHN, CN, to Oxygen determination in few simple user friendly steps.

TurboFlash™ Technology

Fully controls combustion, synchronizing sample admission with pressurized Oxygen injection, independently from Helium carrier gas flow rate.

Weaver™ Software

It acquires and processes data from the EA via USB, providing Element% content in mass as result. Multi-Instrument mode allows for simultaneous data acquisition from different EAs.

Supersensitive TCD Technology

It allows measurements from low ppm traces up to 100% on all elements, granting linearity and perfect stability.

EuroVector High Speed Chromatography

It saves Helium, separating gas peaks to baseline at an unbeatable 5 minutes analysis time (CHNS).


Five key fields of application in which elemental analysis can make the difference


Soils, Sediments, Rocks, Vegetables

Finding new arable lands and balancing soil C/N ratio, S concentration and TIC/TOC ratio, outcomes in better production quality and full respect of the environment.
Plants, Plants, Branches,
Leaves, Roots

Determination of micronutrients concentration in plants and vegetables is an invaluable aid to nutrient management decisions, both in agronomy and ecosystems preservation.

Food, Feed, Cereals
Feeding 9 billions people by mid-century is the planet’s target. The superfast, reliable and environmental friendly N-Protein Analyser… our provision.
Organics, Synthetic Compounds, Polymers, Pharma

EuroVector Elemental Analyzer, with its unbeatable detection limit and 5 min CHNS-O analysis run time, is the perfect tool to keep the high global cost of poor chemical management and its associated health and environmental risk under control.

Coal, Petroleum & Lubricants, Biofuel, Biomasses, Wastes

EuroVector Elemental Analyzer provides the highest level of analysis performances in new energetic tasks such as selection of cleaner combustibles and transformation of hazardous waste into safe energy.

Find out more about our product applications

(CHN) in Petroleum Products and Lubricants

Petroleum industry is still expected to dominate energy market for years until alternative energy sources become more economical and widespread. During that transition, the oil and gas industry is called to contribute promoting energy security and reducing their impact on the environment, economy, and society. DOWNLOAD

(S) in Coal

Maximization of calorific power and the concurrent reduction of polluting elements have become strong requirements in the energy production field. DOWNLOAD

(CHN) in Coal

In line with the renewed emphasis on climate change mitigation, search for purity and minimized environmental impact of fossil fuels has become a strong requirement. Limitation of global warming by reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission is the main target. DOWNLOAD

(N) in Animal Feed

Animal feed is a crucial part of the food supply chain affecting the composition and quality of the livestock products (milk, meat and eggs). Feed analysis is therefore determinant in terms of safety of food that people consume. DOWNLOAD

(N-Prot) in Food, Feed and Forage

Measurement of Protein content in food, feed and forages plays a critical role in public health both in terms of nutrition and food safety. It applies to three major areas in the food production process chain: raw material inspection, process control, and final analysis for label claim. DOWNLOAD

Total (S) in Soils

For many years sulphur was a neglected element in soil science although it is essential for plant growth. In recent years, however, sulphur has received more attention due mainly to reports of sulphur deficiency in crops. DOWNLOAD

TIC/TOC determination by acidification

Elemental Analysis of soils is primarily focused on the determination of Carbon and Nitrogen content. Both elements are essential for the quality of soil but most important is their mutual relation C/N ratio. DOWNLOAD

(NC) in Soils

Today’s agriculture, becoming more and more productive to face world’s population growing, needs to be more than ever respective of the environment and attentive to the quality of products. A wise balancing of elements in the soil mechanism is the key factor. DOWNLOAD

(CHNS) (O) in Biomass

The search for new forms of clean and sustainable energy is today one of the most demanding targets. (CHNS)(O) analysis is the typical application for determination of heat values and pollutants, keeping under control environmental impact of regenerated resources such as Biomass, Biofuel and Industrial Wastes. DOWNLOAD

EuroVector Elemental Analyzer excellent analytical performances are driven by Weaver™, the most complete software dedicated to Elemental Analysis.

Weaver™ supervises full automatic instrument control, also allowing for data reprocessing, preventive maintenance prompting, gas leak test and full diagnostic.

CHNS and O simultaneous analysis
from different instruments
controlled by one single software


Since 1995 EuroVector design, manufacture and sell Elemental Analysers for Stand Alone applications, including Protein Analyser. We are committed to excellence in CHNS-O analysis through continuous innovation and generation of new products. Based on solid technologies, we are showing advanced performances as a new dimension in Elemental Analysis.
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