About Us


EuroVector was incorporated in 1996 for selling and supporting LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) as well as Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS). In the same period, EuroVector developed the EuroEA3000 Elemental Analyzer, for release in year 2000, including Callidus Software, key patents and generating proprietary “Application Notes”. A number of improvements have been released so far.

The manufacturing facilities were further implemented at the highest level of industry standard providing comprehensive final test procedure also taking advantage from Callidus SW ease of use.

EuroVector established a w/w Distributors Network and related local sales representatives familiarizing them with the EA3000 Series and providing highest level of technical specifications. Service Engineers attend the comprehensive EuroVector Training Course supported by Eurovector staff for Hardware and Software to prove the accurate results for superior performances in different configurations.