EuroEA3000 Elemental Analyser

Eurovector EuroEA3000 Series of CHNS-O Elemental Analyzers, with its dedicated SW Callidus, allows for the most exact determination of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulphur in virtually all existing substances. This is achieved through only three basic steps: sample combustion at high temperature, fast separation of the resultant gaseous species and TCD detection. The straightforward and reliable analytical layout avoids unnecessary complications introduced by the use of purge and traps cycles, gas splitting and aliquot dosing devices, thus preserving precision and accuracy of results. Determination of Oxygen content is performed on the same instrument in pyrolisys mode by a quick change of configuration.

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Patented TurboFlash™ Combustion Technology syncronizes sample admission with pressurized Oxygen injection independently from Helium carrier gas flow rate ensuring complete combustion and quantitative results.

EuroVector High Speed Chromatography separate gas peaks to baseline cutting down analysis time at an unbeatable 5 minutes, saving Helium and granting much higher number of analyses per day.

Supersensitive TCD Technology. The high sensitivity detector allows for measurements from low ppm traces up to 100% on all elements, granting linearity and perfect stability.

Quick configuration change. Flexibility makes the EA3000 a unique instrument in the market. it allows quick configuration changes from CHNS, CHN, CN, to Oxygen determination in few simple user friendly steps, facing any kind of samples needs and reducing run time.

Callidus™ v.5.1 is mature software dedicated to EA3000. It supervises full automatic instrument control from setting parameters up to results printout. It also allows for data processing, preventive maintenance prompting, gas leak test and full diagnostic. Graphic tools review and fine inspection of integrated chromatogram are at the highest level of completeness and ease of use for the most elegant solutions. From a single page, its comprehensive design allows to monitor all functionalities using toggle buttons for quick settings; it also provides Element % results through K-Factor and Linear Regression calibration, allows to follow the progress of analysis, while fine inspection chromatogram, fully reviewing calibration and printing out final results report. Empirical Formula, Heat Values calculation as well as 100% compliance to CFR 21 art.11 are also provided.


Each Sample is identified by the “Significant Category” allowing for selection of the optimal Analytical Configuration: the lower the sample size, the lower are the residues allowing saving Helium and increasing number of analyses per day.

Biomass, Biofuel, Wastes

EuroVector patented combustion system, with its ability to burn from simple to complex matrices, makes the EA3000 an essential partner for the Research in one of the most challenging target today: discovering new forms of clean and sustainable energy, keeping under control heat values and pollutants such as nitrates and sulfates.

Download Application Note AN-002 (CHNS)(O) in biomass

Soils, Sediments, Rocks

Carbon/Nitrogen ratio as well as Organic/Inorganic Carbon ratio and Sulphur concentration set the EA3000 as a key tool for wise agriculture based on balancing elements in the soil mechanism, which outcomes in better production quality and full respect of the environment.

Plants, Branches, Leaves, Roots, Vegetables

Determination of micronutrients concentration in plants and vegetables is an invaluable aid to nutrient management decisions, both in agronomy and ecosystems preservation. Quantitative measurement of Sulphur and Nitrogen in mature tissues is readily achieved by EA3000, taking advantage of supersensitive detector and total absence of memory effect of the analytical layout.

Food, Feed, Oil Seeds, Sunflowers, Cereals, Corn, Grain, Brewing, Malt, Worth and Milled products

The EuroVector N-Protein Analyser is a modern environmental friendly alternative to the Kjeldahl Method. The instrument, based on Dumas principle, offers superior specifications in the widest variety of Nitrogen-Protein samples providing confidence in accurate results.

Coal, Coke, Peat

Maximization of calorific power and the concurrent reduction of polluting elements have become strong requirements in the energy production field. The ability to reduce sample sizes up to ubmilligrams in the analysis of substances with more than 50% ashes is a key factor for keeping a high throughput, while preserving high reliability and accuracy in results.

Petroleum & Lubricants

The vast variety of different solid, semisolid and liquid samples faced in the petroleum refining industry such as Bitumen, Wax, Catalysts, Kerosene, Jet fuels and Diesel, are easily analyzed by the EA3000 in line to ASTM Standards, to monitor production process and for Quality Control. Dedicated user-friendly tools grant smooth sample preparation of the more challenging volatile substances.

Download Application Note AN-016 for ASTM D5291

Organics, Synthetic Compounds, Polymers, Textiles, Pharma, Fertilizers

Characterization of Inorganic and Synthetic Organic molecules is historically the natural field of application for EA3000, both for its detection limit in the submicrograms level and for the unbeatable 5 minutes analysis run time in CHNS. Oxygen is routinely and reliably analysed in Pyrolysis in 3 minutes, followed by chromatographic separation of CO equivalent to Oxygen % content.

HT-PyrOH as Satellite Unit up to 1500°C


The HT-PyrOH Unit, based on truly advanced technology, is a well proven major step ahead designed for temperature up to 1500°C. The heart of the innovative neat approach of the HT-Furnace is purposely designed as Satellite Unit featuring multilevel temperature set, programmable heating rate, electronic control of direct radiation for heat transfer as well as an effective cooling rate. The HT-PyrOH includes new design for constant temperature profile in the entire hot zone to limit IRMS background.

Depending on Applications, temperatures are set between 1200°C ÷ 1450°C. Organic and inorganic solid samples are flowing in the reactor including Reduction Catalyst for Pyrolysis generating H2, N2 and CO gas mixture.

This modern HT-PyrOH Unit provides an effective application for 18O/16O and D/H solid samples for Isotopic Ratio Mass Spec (IRMS) determination.

Uni-Prep Universal Preparative System

Uni-Prep System is designed to provide on-line determination of δ D/H and δ 18O‰ using IRMS. It consists of sealable low dead volume chamber by an isolation valve designed for static equilibration of exchangeable δ D/H using water at known isotopic composition.


The System can be:

  • Temperature controlled up to 110°C for isotope exchange and drying of hygroscopic material.
  • Evacuated at < 5 mbar for instantaneous elimination of air contamination and removing water after equilibration.
  • Dynamically flushed or pressurized with Helium.
  • Accepting septum port injecting water or gas by syringe for static isotope exchange experiments.

CU-08. The control Unit actuates vacuum pump keeping monitoring of vacuum and pressure in the sample preparation chamber. Electronics actuate the step by step sequence or single step advancement.

CU-09 assures temperature control of Uni-Prep using resistors located in the carousel chamber body and cover.

D/H and 18O ‰ application includes samples analysis of tree-rings, whole woods, cellulose, ligninmethoxyl, tissues, feathers or food. This technique provides reliable hydrogen stable isotope determination allowing comparable results among laboratories for steam equilibration of standards and unknown samples in less than one hour.