EuroVector design, manufacture and sell EA3000 Elemental Analyser for CHNS-O determination in a variety of applications.

Callidus, the most advanced dedicated SW for Elemental Analysis, fully automates the system from Sample Table to download of instrument parameters to results printout, providing instrument control, data acquisition, reprocessing and reporting.

All instruments are based on the innovative patented TurboFlash™ combustion technology, allowing for pressurised Oxygen injection independently from carrier gas.

The main EuroVector instrument lines are reported below:  

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CHNS-O Analysis: EA3000 represents the answer to CHNS (combustion) and O (pyrolysis) applications in solids and liquids.

N-Protein Analyser: sets new standards for accuracy and simplicity in 90 sec.

EA-IRMS Systems. Since year 2000 EuroVector is providing full range of instrumentation to be linked to IRMS systems.

Fastest Analysis Time. Simultaneous CHNS is performed in 5 min.

Flexibility. The instrument is available for all combinations of CHNS+O, allowing to change configuration in few minutes.

Sample Size and detection limit. The AutoSampler accommodates samples as high as 1g for mineral material, and as low as few mg or sub mg level of organic compounds. The lowest absolute detection limit is outstanding 0.2 g

Cost Effective. EA3000 is cost effective for the lowest catalysts and gas consumption. It operates with unprecedented reliability and down time.

The following are EA3000 Series key features: